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演出團體/ WVC TRiO + 1

活動時間/ 2010/10/26  20:00

活動費用/ 500/人(含一杯飲品)

WVC TRiO + 1 是由鄭澤相(鋼琴手)、Adam Osmianski (鼓手)和Jon Cavendish(Bass)所組成之爵士鋼琴三重奏 , 一方面傳承了始自Oscar Peterson、Bill Evans這種傳統鋼琴三重奏的互動和經典曲目;另一方面也呼應現代鋼琴三重奏比較試驗性和多樂風的精神。2004年到2006年活躍於美國各個演出場所 , 也在中國和馬來西亞演奏 , 在鄭澤相決定回到他的祖國馬來西亞後 , 將WVC TRiO 也帶到了馬來西亞。這個三重奏加多了一支sax後 , 音樂的刺激性提升了 , 以鋼琴為中心的三重奏核心卻沒有褪減 , 這相當可貴。WVC Trio是一隊充滿活力的年輕樂隊 , 他們有共同的音樂理念 , 默契使得他們創作的音樂是富有着吸引力的彈性。


成員 Members: 

Tay Cher Siang (Piano)
Adam Osmianski (Drums)
Vincent Ong (Bass)
Julian Chan (Saxophones)

WVC TRiO + 1 was formed in West Virginia University when Tay Cher Siang was studying there, with his colleagues Adam Osmianski and Jon Cavendish.  This group with repertoire containing original materials and unique arrangements of jazz standards and rock tunes performed in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Drawing inspiration from the great trios of the past like Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans, and today’s modern counterparts such as Brad Mehldau and The Bad Plus, the WVC Trio has developed as sound of their own.  In the summer of 2008 the trio consists of the original members toured Malaysia and Singapore for 7 weeks, and recorded their first studio album WVC TRiO. In 2009 WVC TRiO expanded, added a Saxophonist Julian Chan and welcomed Vincent Ong on bass,  presented a sold out concert at KLPac Pentas 1 and premiered many of their original compositions. They toured several cities in Malaysia and China, and cut their second album entitled ELEVEN. Since then, WVC TRiO has been active in the performance circuit in Malaysia.
In 2010, WVC TRiO + 1 traveled to 17 cities and played 24 concerts in Malaysia, Singapore and China. Their third CD: In The Dark, I See Her is released in September. The group will be performing in the Taichung Jazz Festival 2010 in Oct.


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