The German vocal jazz group - Klangbezirk - has 2 male and 2 female singers who bring the vocal jazz music to another level.  Their incredible improvisation, beautiful vocal arrangement, and the perfect connection between the singers attract the audience the most.

讓我們來欣賞創造力強的 Klangbezirk 的歌聲吧!Let's listen to Klangbezirk's composition! Klangbezirk - I Deserve

在 A House,你除了可以聽到Klangbezirk的歌聲之外,也可以喝到這杯特製的「Klangbezirk」調酒!選用德國藥草性利口酒Jägermeister,基礎成分是來自世界56個不同國家的藥草植物,需要連續五個月的時間,才能將植物中的精華溶解出來,並窖藏1年,才終於大功告成。「Klangbezirk」調酒,是以mojito形式調出來的德國絕對爵士,加入了檸檬以及薄荷葉,使得口感非常清新。適合在以Jazz陪伴的夜晚,舒舒服服的,遠離白天的塵囂,沉澱心情。

At A House, you can not only listen to Klangbezirk, but also taste Klangbezirk.  We chose the German herbal liquor Jägermeister as the basic ingredient for this cocktail.  Jägermeister contains 56 different herbs from around the world, takes 5 months to extract the essence, and then is stored in the cellar for over a year to complete the production of this liquor.  The cocktail is made in the style of mojito, together with lemon and mint, in order to produce the absolute character of jazz from Germany.  It's the perfect drink for comfort and relaxation after a day of stress.

快來 A House,品嘗這一系列有趣的調酒吧!



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