Vocal Six 是享譽全歐洲、瑞典經驗最豐富的當代無伴奏重唱團之一的人聲組合。他們是一個全由男生所組成的 A Cappella 樂團,將許多流行歌曲改編成人聲重唱,使用了很多的合聲堆疊,聲音與曲風乾淨清澈。

Vocal Six is one of the most experienced a cappella groups from Sweden.  The group has 6 male singers who sing many popular songs with arrangements filled with musical layers and clear voices.

讓我們來聽聽看 Vocal Six 的美妙聲音!Let's listen to Vocal Six!
Vocal Six - Good Vibrations

而只有在 A House 喝得到的「Vocal Six」這項調酒,採用了來自瑞典南部小鎮的 Absolut vodka 香草口味,帶點奶油香與黑巧克力味,絕不添加任何人工糖粉,喝起來非常清爽。搭配了清淡的檸檬香與小黃瓜味,使得這杯調酒無論外觀、或者味道,都令人感到心曠神怡,猶如 Vocal Six 乾淨澄澈的聲音般,最適合在炎熱的夏天午後,圖一個涼爽的心情!

The "Vocal Six" cocktail is based on Absolut Vanilia, which comes from a small town in southern Sweden.  Although with a creamy chocolate scent, it contains no artificial sugar, which gives a fresh taste.  Together with lemon and cucumber, it is also visually very refreshing, just like the voices of Vocal Six.  It is the best choice to cool yourself down in a hot summer afternoon.


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